Transfer old landing page to unbounce


I have a landing page that was built by a vendor, however I would like to build some more and do testing. Is there anyway I can copy my current landing page into unbounce and make necessary changes? Instead of rebuilding the landing page from scratch?


Hi Laurie,
At the moment Unbounce currently doesn’t have a feature to ‘copy’ in external landing pages. If your original landing pages were created in Unbounce then there is a simple Export/Import feature you can use. If not, then you need to manually recreate them.

Let me know if you need any support, copying over your existing landing pages. I can usually get this kind of work done quickly for clients.


Dan Jones


Thank you Dan, 

Yes I might need help copying over existing landing page.  What type of cost is involved?


Hi Laurie,
I’d be happy to work either by the hour or at a fixed cost. The cost depends on the complexity of the page and if you need a mobile responsive version.  Can you share a link to the page? Or email medirectly with the details, I can take a look and come back to you today with a price.
Many Thanks,