Tracking variants with Marketo and AdWords


Im working with an agency to build out our AdWords strategy and campaign. We are just at the very beginning testing stages. Working with Unbounce, their idea is to create variants for each page and have it auto-pick a variant from the ad. Our Unbounce forms are synced with Marketo campaigns which then push to Salesforce for full funnel tracking. 

Here is where Im struggling and looking for help ideas:

  • If we have auto-variants, Im not clear how I can differentiate on the Marketo backend which page was actually viewed to complete the conversion since all variants have 1 sync to Marketo. Would you create individual pages for each test? 
  • I could use lead source/lead source description potentially but in the event someone visits more than 1 time and completes 2 actions, I lose 1 of them since lead source and lead source description are hardcoded to not change.
  • The agency wants to do a manual field where they would go into our system and mark the lead somehow as coming from a specific AdWords campaign and specific Unbounce page but I dont see how this would work in the long run. Ideas here?

Apologies for the long question but Im trying to nail down all the scenarios because I cant imagine Im the first to do this.



Hi Christina

Welcome to the community - If I can’t help you I’m sure someone else will be able to. I will try my best with what I do know …

  1. I think the first thing here is to clarify ‘auto-variant’. From my understanding I don’t think such a thing exists per say - essentially what would happen is that in Adwords - each Ad Group or Ad would have a specific landing page linking to it. That landing page would ideally continue what I call ‘the invisible conversation’ that’s going on in the visitors head - either through dynamic text replacement or through the styling to the keyword>ad>landing page journey.

Where the variant comes in - is that on each of these journeys - in order to test it’s best to create a variant that Unbounce can send some of the traffic to. You can set this traffic level - so you could say 50% of your traffic see one variant and 50% see the other. This may be where the ‘auto’ comes in that you’re referring to.

Unbounce will capture statistics for both the original page and the ‘challenger’ variant - in regards to 

Conversion Rate

You have many options of how you track that - which can be looked at here. I’ve just had a whole lesson around these myself!

Hope that all makes sense ? For more info on the Marketo integration look here.

  1. Not sure about this one - would love to know how you could work through this. My question here would be how useful is this data to you ?

  2. Google Analytics tagging using the URL builder ? I’m not familiar with Marketo - but am sure that you could either integrate this with GA - or without a doubt you could do it in GA.

In GA - I would set up a specific View for ALL campaigns.
Then set up a individual view for each adwords campaign. 
You can do this via the filters setting. If you need any help drop me a message I’m GA certified.

Once you’ve done that you will essentially be able to drill down at data across the board and at each campaign.

Hope this all helps.

Happy Testing !