Tracking Unbounce class button with Google Tag Manager


Hi guys,

I’m using Google Tag Manager on a test landing page. I would like to track the clicks of each button on the page. The setup is as follows:

Trigger configuration:

  • type: click - all elements
  • fire on: some click
  • when: click classes contains lp-pom-button

Tag configuration:

  • type: Universal Analytics -> events
  • category: click button
  • action: {{Page Path}}
  • label: {{Click Text}}

but in GTM preview mode the tag is not fired.

Any ideas?


Hi there,

That setup should work for regular Unbounce buttons. I’m pretty sure that’s the exact trigger I’m using for those types of button clicks.

However, it doesn’t work on Unbounce form submit buttons. For that you’ll need a different trigger. The form submit trigger in GTM may be your best option.

Were you able to get it working on regular Unbounce buttons? Or are you trying it on Unbounce form submit buttons?


ddmarks the only way I was able to get the button click tag to fire as you are doing it, was by using trigget type Click - Just links and everything else exactly as you have it.

I was originally trying the all elements trigger but no good, try switchig to Just Links. Good Luck!