Tracking the which page people came from when they are linked to the "request a call back" page


I want to add a link to a generic request a call back landing page on the form conformation pop up. It would be really useful to know which specific landing page people have come from when filling in the request a call back page.

Is there any way to capture this information in the form on the request a call back page. I saw the blog post on using hidden keyword fields, is there something similar that meets my needs here?




Hi Ben - if you combine the hidden form fields trick with pre-filling a form field with URL parameters, that should do the trick.

You’ll be able to add a URL parameter for the outgoing links on each of your specific pages that pushes to the generic landing page, then you can write that into a hidden field on your “request a call back form” and when the form is submitted, the specific parameter you set will be included with each lead.

You can use this method to set-up the form field that will autofill:…

The only difference in the set-up is that you should use a hidden form field.

Once that’s set-up just update the links to your call back page so they have a URL parameter that identifies what page the user originated from.


Thanks Quinn!