Tracking source page of convertable conversion


I’ve got an Unbounce convertable running on a couple sections of my website and I want to see which pages the convertable is converting best on (that was quite a mouthful :slight_smile:).

I experimented with using Google Tag Manager to send a custom event with the page path as a variable in the custom event label field, but I couldn’t get the GTM built-in click event listener to fire. I later found out from an Unbounce support rep that the convertables are technically iframed in, which prevents GTM from attaching event listeners to buttons inside the convertable.

Anyone have any ideas how to get around this? I’m not a developer, I just know enough Javascript to get by. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @kokko

If you use Google Analytics, this is actually pretty easy!

First, make sure that you’ve followed the steps outlined here.

I created a very basic GA custom report for you, which you can apply directly to your GA account:

This report only shows Unbounce Convertable event data. When you open the report, you should see two options in the “Event Action” column - view and conversion (the two events that the Convertable sends to GA). Clicking on either of them will drill down into all of the landing pages that your Convertable has either appeared on or converted on, respectively.

You might want to modify the columns to meet your needs, but this will give you a breakdown of sessions, conversions, and conversion rate by landing page for your Convertable.

Hope this works for you!


@leah.ann This is great, thank you very much!