Tracking social widget shares


Has anyone figured out how to track the actions that result from people clicking the social widget (Twitter and FB)? I’d like to use GA to see how many people Tweet or Recommend from my Thank You page.


Hi Dain! 
I’ve asked a few Unbounce + G/A gurus about this one, and it turns out this hasn’t been figured out yet. However, it _does _appear to be possible by following the documentation on this page:

Fair warning: It’s a bit advanced, and you’ll have to use Facebook’s share widget(instead of our built in social widgets) - but it should be achievable. 

If you do end up getting this up and running, be sure to share how you did it with the Community! 


Hi Dain, 

Justin is correct that setting this up takes a bit of time but it’s definitely possible. 

A couple of links that I’ve found really useful when I was researching this a while back with step-by-step instructions:

  1. Facebook -
  2. Twitter/LinkedIn -…

Last but not least the updated Google documentation relating to the universal analytics implementation of social tracking: