Tracking registrations on a single landing page by sales rep or source


Does anyone have a solution for tracking who is responsible for registrations on a landing page?

 I have a team of 40 sales people who are driving leads to a landing page. I need to make sure each lead is credited back to the right rep. Any suggestions?

 My only work around is to copy the landing page, change the url to include the reps name or code and then manually roll all that up into one report.




There is an easier way that will avoid to duplicate the landing page.

  1. Add a hidden field in your form which you can call “source”
  2. For each rep you give him the usual url of the landing page and you add a parameter at the end.
    You replace the XXX by the name of the rep or a code.

This way for each lead you’ll have all the info from the form including the info from the source field.


Julien hi  

Thank you for your reply and solution. I have one area of clarification.  

Taking my url and adding:
These unique url’s would then show me the detail of who is responsible for the lead, right?  The addition of ?source=XXXXX to a url will not break the url?

Thank you Julien - amazing.



No it won’t break the url.
When you add a “?” In your url you indicate to your browser that the address stop here and from now it’s only parameters.

This also the way to prefil your form on unbounce.
For example if your form has a field “firstname” you could add it it the URL
Example : will automatically fil the firstname with my name.

When you have more than one parameters, you have to use & between them.
Ex:… etc.

Hope it helps !



How are the sales reps driving people to the page? If they are just using emails or sending people links then Julien’s method is spot on.  They have to be giving out a URL that is unique to them. You can also use a URL shortner if you don’t want the end user to see the ? in the url. 

Many people use or create a custom one. I use as it is free and tied directly to my account so I can see stats at a glance.





You’re Welcome :slight_smile: