Tracking Multiple Conversion Goals



I have an Unbounce page with a two step opt-in (click a button, then a lightbox with form pops up).

Under the Goals section, I can track both the lightbox goal and the form submission goal. However, I read that it is not currently possible to separate the two when looking at the analytics.

Is this still the case? How can I work around this issue? I really want to know how many people click the button vs how many fill out the form. They are two separate optimization exercises, but without the data I’m flying blind! Help!



Hey @Convert great question!

As far as I know Unbounce is not capable of separating that data. But, there are plenty of 3rd party tools you can use to track. We track absolutely everything on our LPs using a myriad tools like Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Hot Jar, Clicky,, Crazy Egg, etc.

It all depends on what we’re tracking and the clients budget. In your case GA works fine for this. Just setup goals for each click.


Awesom, thanks @digibomb ! I’ll try doing it using goog analytics