Tracking Form Submissions with GTM

Unbounce does provide support for GTM and you can track it with a popup instead of a thank you page. The comments above outline how to do so. However, there is a bug right now with unbounce where they changed their native integration for GTM which does not fire the gtm.formSubmit issue anymore. I’ve submitted this to the technical to be fixed. I haven’t received word of it being fixed yet.

I was actually saying their tech support doesn’t support getting GTM set up properly. I’ve asked and they say they can’t help. Maybe it is just me or I am asking the wrong questions.

Ah, I see. I misunderstood. Yea I don’t think they will walk you through necessarily. They do have an article about GTM though

The article though doesn’t say the event and how to implement it, but that’s what I covered in this post (#2) Tracking Form Submissions with GTM

Oh good, I’m glad I’m not crazy. I have a page that I use for testing and noticed that the gtm.formSubmit event fires on that page, but not the one I use for actual lead gen :upside_down_face:. As far as I can tell, the two pages are identical and use identical scripts, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I submitted a support request but haven’t heard anything yet.

Yea if you actually compare their old script to the new one you can actually see that an entire block was removed where the “gtm.formSubmit” used to be. I still haven’t received any response on this being fixed.

New Script

Old Script

just double checked the GTM script on my pages. both are identical and match the new script you posted.
One page fires the formSubmit event:

One page does not:

Odd, I wonder why that is then if it’s the exact same script on both pages.

The only thing I can think of is that the error is somehow related to page age along with the removal of the jQuery dependency. My testing page (where the formSubmit event fires) is older than the other page (where the formSubmit event doesn’t fire and was created after the jQuery dependency was removed).
As a post script: both pages have the checkbox for jQuery checked on the script manager.

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Interesting - I haven’t spent too much time on it since I’m counting on Unbounce to fix it. I’ve been busy working on other things for the time being, so I haven’t been able to do more testing. Did you submit that info also to Unbounce? I’m hoping they give me an update soon after I opened a ticket yesterday.

I submitted a ticket this morning, but haven’t gotten anything other than the automated “your ticket has been received”

I managed this setup. Custom gm.gform.submit tag works properly with the popup but only after I have activated built-in form submission variable.

it works but if only built-in GTM variable “form submission” is active.

Interesting, if that’s the case then it’s a little different now. The built-in variable picks up on any form submissions whereas the other event was specifically sent from Unbounce. That’s good it works though and maybe that’s what Unbounce is hoping we use now instead?

After testing, this works for me as well. It is the “gtm.formSubmit” event that unbounce used to manually submit. This seems like the correct answer, perhaps Unbounce docs need some updates for this? I never received an update either after my support request :frowning:

Oh, I forgot to update. GTM works fine if you load it yourself and not via Unbounce’s integration. I loaded it via (the whole reason I was using GTM was because the GoogleAds conversion script wasn’t working with segment, but did work with GTM). I also realized it was dumb to use two tag managers, so I just included the Google Ads conversion script on all of my pages individaually. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Curious if you do hear back from Unbounce!

I have a form I am trying to arrange a tag for, but I’m also no GTM professional. Got regular buttons to track, but my form submission is firing 3 tags for each submit. Hmm…

Have you noticed that the form submission event fires even on form submission attempts (i.e. - user clicking the submit button)? I even have my form submission trigger setup in GTM to “Check Validation”, however, it still seems to fire even when the use does not actually successfully submit the form.

Hey Guys, Love this thread I am having a similar issue and a little stuck.
I have the same tag set up as you mentioned ParaCoreMarc in the original set up:
Tag: Google Ad conversion Tracking
Trigger: Custom event with gtm.formsubmit

My tag is firing before the form is being submitted. Is this due to the issue you are talking about above. I noticed you guys fixed it but I couldn’t follow what fix you used.

Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I’m following this also. I have project that’s about to go live and ideally I could do with this being resolved if it’s not. Thanks!

If you’re getting rogue or duplicate form submissions, you could be firing a form submit trigger from Facebook’s tracking pixel (if you have it installed). I use the Google Chrome extension, dataslayer, to look at what’s been fired after the page is refreshed. It lets you look back in time. Check your gtm.formSubmit events and see if they are actually from gtm.elementUrl= instead of your form button.

I just read this thread and I’m trying to understand how to track my form submissions with GTM as well. I have the container manually installed (not thru unbounce integration) and seeing if there’s a way to get it to work that way.