Tracking form submissions using Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer


I watched the video that Oli produced that showed how to track a conversion with VWO. The target was “Visit a Particular Page” therefore a simple URL was all that was required.

I’m interested in tracking sign ups with VWO by using the Unbounce-provided form. They ask for the URL where the form data is submitted.

I hovered over my submit button and copied the destination:…#

Is that what VWO is looking for in terms of a tracking URL?



Good question Tony.
Currently the only way to achieve this right now would be to create a separate Unbounce page as the confirmation URL for your lead gen form (as opposed to using our new modal window feature).

Then when you publish that page, it would have a unique URL that you could use in VWO.

Not ideal, but a workable solution.


Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

Once again, I really appreciate the responsive customer support.


Sorry Tony,
I think I answered incorrectly.
VWO gives you a conversion script that you need to place on your conversion page. This means that it’s actually perfect for our new lead gen confirmation pages where you can add the script via the “Custom HTML” component.

You can learn more about the form confirmation page feature here:…

That page is actually about downloading files, but instead of adding a file download button you could add a “Custom HTML” component and paste in your VWO conversion script.

Hope that helps.