Tracking Facebook Likes


How can I track who “liked” my Unbounce Landing Page. I show 21 people like it, but I do not know how to find out who the 21 people are. Any help is appreciated


Hi Terrence - Facebook no longer provides that information publicly, so there isn’t a way to find out who has specifically clicked that like button, unfortunately.


Hey Terrance - Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t include this functionality. The good news is you can track referrals from a Like Button using Google Analytics, or another analytics software.

The ref setting causes two parameters to be added to the referrer URL when a person clicks a link from a stream story about a Like action:

fb_ref - the ref parameter
fb_source - the stream type (‘home’, ‘profile’, ‘search’, ‘ticker’, ‘tickerdialog’ or ‘other’) in which the click occurred and the story type (‘oneline’ or ‘multiline’), concatenated with an underscore.

For example:

Alternatively, I’d recommend exploring Facebook’s social sharing checklist. It outlines the capabilities of each widget and has some great tips and tricks on what to optimize. Hope that helps!