Tracking "Conversions"


our goal with ads, landing pages, and site visits is to lead the customer to sign up for either a free or paid account. how do i track “conversions” if a conversion for me is a new account sign-up? i can provide the url’s for the registration confirmation pages (the pages a user lands on after creating a new account), but where would i place that within the unbounce “conversion goals” or elsewhere? other services that track conversion ask for a piece of javascript or image to be placed on the pages that indicate a “conversion”, is it the same with unbounce?


Hi Tim - great chatting with you on the phone just now.

As I mentioned when we were talking, the ability to track conversions on third party sites not something we currently offer but is definitely is a high priority future feature.

I have made a note to make sure you get informed as soon as it is released.

If you have any further questions about this aspect of Unbounce or getting started with creating pages from scratch please feel free to drop me a line.

Al the best - JM


A+ customer service - looking forward to using Unbounce for more landing pages. Creating one from scratch should be some fun!


Quick question about goals - measuring the success of one particular landing page against another is great with A/B splits, but all it really seems to measure is bounce rates (or am I missing something - I’ve only just set up my first test).

Is there any way we might be able to add conversion script to see whether one variation works better than another from a true website conversion perspective? Kinda like Google Website Optimiser, AdWords, YSM, et al?

BTW. Awesome product!

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Hi Chris, this is exactly the feature we are working on at the moment – the ability to create an external conversion goal and test pages based on real conversions (like GWO, Adwords, etc…) We should have something out in the next couple of weeks.


Will this be pulling down conversion data from google analytics? It would be awesome if we didn’t have to add another tag to our site.


Hey Luke. Unfortunately not quite yet although tighter integration with GA is something we’re really hoping to dig into sooner than later.


That’s cool. Not everyone uses it. Any idea when you’ll have your conversion tracking implementation put together?


Hi Luke! We hope to have it out in beta within a week or so, and I would expect it to be publicly available shortly afterwards…


Carl, is this in beta now? Do you need beta testers?