Tracking Conversions with Facebook Social Plugin Registration Form


I’m using the Facebook Registration Form Social Plugin, and I’m not sure the best way to count conversions since it’s a selfcontained iFrame.



Anyone out there?


Hey Warren, sorry for the delay. Where are you processing the data that the facebook registration plugin sends after the user fills out the form? This sounds like a good opportunity to use our external conversion tracking script which is just a bit of javascript you can stick on any page that will credit a conversion back to original landing page that the visitor saw.

From my understanding, you provide a “redirect_uri” property in the embed code which is where you have a script that processes the form accordingly. From here it should be possible to either render a page or redirect to another page that has the conversion tracking script embedded in it (this could even be another Unbounce page).

Hopefully that makes sense. I don’t have a ton of experience with this plugin, so forgive me if I’ve mistaken part of it.



The flow is as follows:
-A user clicks the register with Facebook button on the form
-Facebook authenticates user by adding a user record to the provisioned app on their end.
-Facebook posts user data to the URL you mentioned above.
-we use that data to create a new user in our application and then we redirect the user to a new page.

How does your external tracking script work? Is it via a cookie?


Hey Warren, that should work fine with our tracking script. Yes it’s cookie based - we drop a visitor cookie when they first land on your initial page, and then when they visit a page that has the tracking script on it, we look for that cookie and correlate it to the most recently viewed landing page and track a conversion. From the documentation I posted above:

When a visitor visits your Unbounce landing page, and subsequently visits your conversion page, the script will look for the Unbounce visitor cookie, and if it finds one, will make a tracking request back to the Unbounce servers. We then select the page that visitor has seen most recently, and if we have not previously recorded a conversion for that visitor, we’ll bump your conversion count by one.

So as long as you stuck the script on the page that you redirect the user to in your last step (again, this could be another Unbounce page,) conversions should be tracked as you’d expect.


Perfect, thanks.


Last question… is there a way to block yourself from being detected in stats? I want to be able to view the landing page without counting towards the test.


Unfortunately not at the moment, though it’s one of our most requested features and we’re in the middle of sorting out a solution. In the meantime, you can view a particular variant of a page (without triggering a new visitor) by appending “a.html” or “b.html”, etc… to the end of the URL like so:…


Great, thanks.


Hey Carter,

I am using unbounce pages in the fb app platform. Is there a way during redirect, it stays in the FB interface and doesnt redirect the person out of the FB experience?

The flow for mine is:

  1. landing page with aweber social opt in
  2. click on fb sign in button
  3. redirects OUT of FB experience to second page.

Is there a way to make the second page stay within the fb experience?