Tracking Conversions on Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Ad Platforms with Universal Tracking Codes


Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and (finally) LinkedIn ad platforms are all shifting to use “universal” tracking codes that get installed on all pages (landing pages and confirmation pages) with the conversion events configured in the ad platform. Since this change, we’ve been struggling to get the conversion tracking to work using those new universal codes with the Unbounce Form Confirmation Dialogs. Bing has been a problem for over a year and I found this post (…). It seems like the code isn’t firing when the confirmation box opens.

The solution we’ve identified is creating a separate confirmation page in Unbounce for each of our landing pages, but I’m wondering if anyone else has had success setting up conversion tracking in those four platforms using the Form Confirmation Dialog in Unbounce.


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I found this community post that might help:…

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