Tracking conversion on embeded forms without using Thank You page


I’m wondering if anyone has had success tracking conversions when you are using third party embeded forms. Particularly when you are not redirecting to a Thank You page when the form is submitted.

Currently we use js to un-hide a div upon form submit

// When form is submitted
document.getElementById(‘confirmform’).style.visibility = ‘visible’;

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Would it be possible to modify Unbounces External Conversion Tracking script to fire on submit?


Hi @mikehbrown this is a tough one since there is no navigation away from the page and the external tracking script fires on page load. The embedded form won’t register as a conversion goal in the builder either as you know. There is an older script written by @Johnny_Opao that can trigger a conversion on the click of a button which might help with this.

I’ve tested it on elements placed with the custom html widget and it works. However it might not work if your embedded form is a javascript embed or being called in using an iframe. Which are the only two ways I’m aware of to embed a form other than copying the html and css directly onto the page.

Is there a specific reason you aren’t using a thank you page or redirecting to a different page? You could use it as an opportunity to further engage your audience or promote a different product/add on. With an added bonus that it would make tracking conversions easier. Since you’re not using an Unbounce form you could trigger a javascript redirect after a certain amount of time after making the div visible.

Hope this helps a bit!