Tracking buttons with same ID


Hello everybody

I made the mistake of building a page in Unbounce as a “template” then duplicating it each time so each new landing page had the same styling just different copy / images.

Now that I would like to track both buttons on each page, I’ve discovered they all have the same IDs, which you can’t change (why?)

Could anybody please assist me on how I can set up an event goal in Analytics to distinguish between different landing page clicks which share the same button ID, I’m a little lost.

Thank you in advance.



Hey @alastair if you duplicate the button, then delete the original one, you’ll have a new ID :slight_smile:


@Zoe_Tattersall you’re a star thank you! I feel like such a numpty :joy:


Ha ha don’t worry, I miss the simplest things all the time! :wink: