Track who watches the video, then fills out the form, as Analytics Event


Hi there,
I’m currently tracking who fills out our landing page’s form as an Event in Google Analytics. This was easy to set up, following the instructions in Unbounce Academy.
However, we’ve got a hunch that our landing page’s video may instrumental in convincing people to fill out the form.
So what I’d like to ask is, is there any way to track who watches the video, then goes on to fill out the form, as an Analytics Event?
Thanks for your help!
Pure FX


Hi Peter - I don’t think this is possible in GA (and if it is, it’ll require a bit of hacking at the standard GA events script). The biggest hurdle would be that tracking the video play would happen on one page, but tracking the form fill is based on people hitting the actual thank you page.

That said, something like Mixpanel or KissMetrics can track different events across pages and help you tie them together in a report.

A more lofi way to roughly test out your hypothesis would be to create a variant without a video and just test that against your current page. You won’t know for sure if everyone going to the video page is watching the video, but you know for sure that no one on the video-less page is, so you could at least infer whether having the video on the page helps.


Hi Quinn,

Thanks for your quick and very helpful response. : )

Hahah, the lofi route had occurred to me, but the trouble is, if we’re right, and the video’s helping, then by removing it we’ll have lost business!

Given that potential cost, this may have to remain a hunch.

Yours kindly,

Pure FX


Hi Peter,

One potential *PAID* solution would be to use Wistia for your video hosting and use their form option that would turn your video into a form.

Were you able to accomplish this through Google Analytics?




Great suggestion, Joe! 


Thanks Justin!  I know you all have worked with Wistia a good bit.  Any insights on the effectiveness of this feature for conversion rates?




I’ve asked around internally, and we don’t have any hard stats just yet, but I’m really interesting in finding out. I’ll do some digging! :slight_smile:


So there’s still no way to track video plays as a conversion goal in unbounce? 


Just wondering if this function is available now. This thread ended over a year ago so I’m keeping my fingers crossed here that this is now possible.