Track Which Button Was Clicked, Leading To The Conversion


I have two buttons on my landing page:

  1. Free - Leads to a free signup page
  2. Pricing - Sends user to the pricing page

How can I track conversions based on which button was clicked? I’d like to see if a conversion came in as a result of clicking the free button vs the pricing button.

Is the easiest way to just add utm codes and reference back to the landing page in Google Analytics?



utm - yes a good way. What you could also do is add a parameter to each link - say . . (different value for otehr link obsviouslly)

Then add a hidden field named ‘whichlink’ - UB will the pull this into the form field.

Actually, even easier - on each page (free and non-free) add a hidden field in the form and enter which page it is - like so: