Track traffic from different sources to single landing page


If I have various ads or content from different sources and ad networks going to the same landing page, is there a way or a simple hack to quickly see where it originated from, straight within the ‘View Leads’ CSV without going to Google Analytics every time?

Of course I plan to set up UTM params for each and also GA conversion goals.


Yes there is.  Create a hidden field in your web form (if you are using unbounce to collect leads via leads) and then add custom field.  Change the Field Name to our UTM params

Like this:  utm_source    

In in your url  (Google URL Builder is great for this) 

When someone fills out an forms, the hidden field will pull the Source from the URL that you created and populate that filed with source.  For example, if you had a source like Google, Bing, Facebook, Google+, News A, News B, and so forth. 

That way you know where the lead came from.  

You can also program the URL to include Keywords so that when click on  a Keyword from like Google Adwords it would self-populate as well (not 100% though). 


Hey Brad,

Thanks for your response. Just wanted to confirm…

  1. Create hidden field with a label of ‘utm_source’ and leave value blank?

  2. Can you create additional hidden fields to capture ‘utm_medium’, ‘utm_campaign’, ‘utm_content’ & ‘utm_term’ if the referring URL has these other params?

  3. Is there a script to add to the form make this work?