Track sales with Google Analytics



I’m using Unbouce as the first landing page followed by an in-house sales funnel.
I would like to track conversion of pages based not on CTR to page 2 but on actual sales. I have a Google Analytics tag on the result page after the paiement.

How can I integrate this Google Analytics tag in Unbouce to track sales?




Hi Vincent,
We are only weeks away from releasing a tracking bug that you’ll be able to place on pages in your own sales funnel so that Unbounce can give you an accurate “conversion rate” beyond just a click-through rate. That being said, you can also use Google Analytics to track sales by enabling their Ecommerce Tracking functionality. Here are some details on how to do that:…

Let me know if that looks like what you need.



Thx I am looking forward to learning more on Google Integration.


Hey guys,

When you’re adding your extra GA functionality, are you also looking at being able to add JavaScript onclick goals? On my ‘regular’ sites, when I’m linking off to others, I like to add somethings along the lines of:

onclick=“javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview(’/goal/XYZ.html’);”

This will show the goal even if the click is to a domain I do not control. I know you do track ‘conversions’ as such, but I can’t link your ‘conversions’ back to a specific traffic source or keyword. Hope I’ve made sense…!


Assuming this ‘tracking bug’ is now available, where can I find it?


Hey John - I believe your looking for our “external conversion tracking script”…

You’ll place the script on the page following the actual sale (the thank you/confirmation page). Be sure to read the article for how it can be used and it’s limitations.