Track Embedded Form Conversions in Unbounce? (Salesforce Specifically)


Hey Everyone -

Got an off question that I need some help with - we have a client that has RIDICULOUSLY long form that they use (moving company) on their current site ( Rather than try to map all of this, we’re just going to embed the HTML into the UB page we’re creating (reluctantly).

We’re using GA but love the simplicity of variant testing and baseline metrics in Unbounce. Has anyone had success tracking conversions on an embedded form within an Unbounce page?

Alternately - since this form is such a long POS we want to test 3 variants against one another.

  1. Form will appear in a lightbox on desktop and mobile.
  2. Form will “push” the header section down to accommodate the form (ugh)
  3. CTA button will populate a 2nd page that ONLY has the form on it so that we can make it look really nice.

Any idea on how to test these three as variants to discover success? 1&2 are easy, but wanted to see how we would track #3 - which made me think about the conversion tracking.



Hi Matthew,

I am in a similar situation. (Embedding a TypeForm into a lightbox)
Did you find a solution to this?