Track conversions in unbounce from Hubspot form

Hi everyone, I’d like to track conversions in my Hubspot form thanks to Unbounce but I can’t get the script on the default confirmation page and a customized confirmation page I tried with Unbounce’s tracking script doesn’t work either… Plus it opens in a new tab and I’d like it to be integrated in the form. Any similar problems you solved ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @ValentinThomas!

Hopefully a few other peeps in the community here will chime in with some ideas/things that have worked for them, though I would love to take a look at the page you are working with. You should be able to track conversions in Unbounce (with an Unbounce form connected to Hubspot through our native integration) or whether you’re embedding a Hubspot straight on your page using Unbounce’s external conversion tracking script.

But it would be challenging to troubleshoot without seeing the page. Can you share a good e-mail I can connect with you?

(also very keen to hear other people’s experiences tackling similar issues!) :eyes:

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Hey @Alex,

You can contact me at and here is my landing page :

You can see there we have an integrated Hubspot form and we struggle to find a way to track conversions (we could do it in Hubspot but we would miss the information on which form converts the most).

Please let me know if you have a solution :slight_smile:

Hi @ValentinThomas,

Did you try modifying the Hubspot form as outlined here and more specifically the onFormSubmitted attribute?


Hi @Hristian,

I’m not a developper hence I don’t know how to manipulate code at this level. Is there a way to implement the Unbounce tracking script in the form by this way ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @ValentinThomas,

I haven’t worked with HubSpot forms but based on their documentation, it should be possible in theory.

You might run into issues with cross-browser tracking/CORS but there is only one way to find out :slight_smile:


@ValentinThomas - I opened a support ticket for you so we can do a deeper dive into this. Keep an eye open for me e-mail and we can see what we can find out here together.