Track clicked links on a landing page and send an email notification?


If an Unbounce customer has several links on their Unbounce landing page, and a visitor clicks on a link or links, can Unbounce fire off a notification via email or to a URL of our choice every time?


Hi Michelle,

I’m assuming this is for a click-through campaign?

You can track link clicks as events and view them in Google Analytics, however I do not believe that unbounce has the ability to fire off notifications as a result.

You could though, set up GA on your landing page to track all events, create a Goal in Google Analytics for buttons or link clicks, and track that as a conversion.

Would that do the trick? Let me know if you need a hand with creating the goal - I’d be happy to help!

Stefano Apostolakos


Thank you so much Stefano. My client is not comfortable with having to check Google Analytics for tracking results. My project is this:

A salesperson sends an email with a link in their signature to an Unbounce  landing page.

My email app will trigger an email alert when the contact clicks the link on the email.

I need Unbounce to trigger an email alert when the contact clicks any link on the Unbounce landing page and tell us what link was clicked. And would like to share the results to SalesForce too.

It would be preferable that the contact not have to submit a form to register a lead. We already have the contact’s email address.

I think of this as a sales enablement campaign. Any thoughts?
Many thanks again,


Hey Michelle,

That sounds tricky. Unfortunately I do not have any experience with this type of situation, but I am sure there is some sort of solution. From my understanding, you would need some sort of platform to host and aggregate the data (such as GA) and then generate/zap reports as needed.

If not, I think this can be done via a php script. I’m not a master dev so don’t quote me on this :slight_smile:

$Name = "Download"; //senders name $email = "[]("; //senders e-mail adress $recipient = "[]("; //recipient $today = date('Y-m-d'); $mail\_body = "This document has been downloaded from the site:\n '$url' \n '$today'"; //mail body $subject = "Download"; //subject $header = "From: ". $Name . " \r\n" ; //optional headerfields mail($recipient, $subject, $mail\_body, $header); //mail command  header('Location: ' . $\_GET['url'] ); exit; ?\>  Then in the URL call the php script like this: a href=Ó/r.php?url={URL}Ó [Original thread here.]( I also assume there would be some obstacles with unbounce & php and I'm not entirely sure if there are any workarounds at the moment. Hopefully someone else can provide some additional support! Let me know if you figure this out, I'm curious to know how this would work. Cheers!


You have been so kind. I need to do more research before I can jump into it for sure.
Take care


My pleasure!

Let me know if things work out.