Total Lead download across all landing pages


hi, is there a way to download all of the leads for a set of landing that are group together? On that note, can a master lead document be pulled for all landing pages that we have? If not, can these features be added?



Hi Rene - This ia a great idea.

Better page/lead management is on the horizon though we’re currently in the process of prioritizing a few different features. I can’t say for sure what the timeline would be but it’s something we know is important for any of our customers who manage many pages.

I’ll be sure to update this thread when I have more info.


This is critical for agencies


You can do this right now with our API.
To get all leads across all pages in a group, you would first hit up our Pages API (specifically using the Page Groups endpoint), then get all leads for each page using the Leads API.
With our API you can also query all pages across a Sub-Account, or across all Sub-Accounts.


Hi, Just seeing this… and just started using the API… have quite a bit to learn to make efficient use of this tool, but it is great to be able to extract multiple sets of leads faster than I was able to before. Thank you!