Too bare bones! Need help


I just can’t use this product. For an end user like me (not a web developer or design guy) this is too bare bones. Not enough design. Too ‘wire frame’ looking. I really wish I could just plug in and go but my results with your product look like a site I wouldn’t trust. Maybe you could tutor on how to improve graphics on our own to pull into the site. Simple things like word art or button graphics to make a site look like your DIY Landing page. Any plans in this area? It looks like you haven’t changed things for a while.


Hi Jason,
You’re actually just a few weeks too early! We’ve been hard at work building some new design-focused features into our editor such as nice rounded corners and gradients. As a result we’ve improved the default “form” and “button” widgets so that they look really nice when you drag them onto your page, as opposed to the flat/wireframe feeling they have now.

As a result, this editor improvement will be accompanied by a bunch of beautifully designed templates that take advantages of these new features.

We’ll be rolling this out first thing in the new year so I hope you can hang on until then and give us feedback about it.


Awesome! That’s exactly what I need! Please send an alert update when it’s live so I can go check it out!

Will the templates be as attractive as your DIY Landing Page?

your DIY Landing page:
(… )

ie. word art, form options like your fasttrack example with a guy holding the form makes it personable and believable.
I’m not really a coder or a designer so it’s gotta be really made for dummies!