[Tips & Scripts] Custom Lead Notification Email Without Webhooking

Hello Unbouncers,

Our PPC team has written some code that we’d love to share with you, that will improve the “White Label” aspect of Unbounce lead notifications when sending them to clients. This should allow you to go the next step & “wow” your clients with a custom lead notification that display your company logo and other customizable options found in this document.

Please note, this can only be done on Pro+ Accounts. 

Paste the code below into the “HTML version” of the Email Template on the Settings tab. Also, feel free to change the code to your company’s logo & customize as appropriate.

New Lead From MyCompany  
 A new lead has been generated from your landing page. Please see the details below:  
 **Page Name:** {{page\_name}} ({{variant\_letter}})  
 **Page URL:** {{page\_url}}  
**Ignition Search**  
T: 0114 272 2444  
[info@ignitionsearch.co.uk](mailto:<a href=)" target="\_blank"\>Email Us Here  
http://www.YourWebsite.com"; target="\_blank"\>[http://www.YourWebsite.com](http://www.yourwebsite.com%3C/a%3E "Link http//wwwignitionsearchcouk//a");  

What did we change from the default email template?

  • Removed the Unbounce logo and added our own
  • Removed Variant details 
  • H1 & added with Ignition Search branded message.
  • Ignition’s contact details added
  • Form Labels changed from automatically generated on our Landing Pages to manual input for example, on your form it may say “full_name” so we changed that to “Name” making it look more aesthetically pleasing.
    The main point of investigating, coding and writing this article was to feature our own company logo as the email banner. Therefore, Unbounce can you add a feature that would make this easier for everyone else? For example, changing the tag URL to that of any uploaded image with the customisability of every Unbounce feature i.e. width & height, opacity, URL linking 

Thanks for reading & let us know if you like the finished product!

Many thanks,
The Ignition Search Team

I built something similar for my company.

When I saw this email had come in I had thought you had solved the problem where the email still gets sent from: notifications@unbounce.com

Oh well. A man can dream.

Great work anyway guys!

Cato Marketing

Hi Dan,

Thank you & sorry that we got your hopes up!

You can change where your email gets sent from by using a WebHook: (http://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/203879170-Lead-Notification-and-Communication) although this still requires custom coding; the Unbounce Documentation is thorough in its explanation.

Hope that helps!

The Ignition Search Team

Hi Dan, 

Just wanted to give a big  thank you  _for sharing this! I’ve converted this into an  _Article _ and I’d love to feature it in our  _Unbounce Tips & Scripts _ series. I’ll be in touch shortly!

Hi Dan & Dan, 

A quick hack that would give you much more freedom in terms of where and how these lead notifications are delivered:

  1. Setup a Zapier webhook

  2. Integrate it with your Google Apps/Gmail accounts. This way your lead notifications will be sent from whatever email account you use/set.  

  3. Craft your email

3.1 I use Campaign Monitor’s free template builder. You can build a nice looking template and export it. The code will look long and messy but that’s the price you pay for an email template that works across most email clients. If you have corporate clients, they are most likely stuck behind some version of Outlook which is notorious for breaking email templates and formatting. 

  1. Once you have the HTML template, you go back to Zapier and insert the required fields from your Unbounce leads. 

  2. After that, Zapier takes care of the sending


P.S. You can of course use your own webhooks to the same effect. 

This is an example template that took 2mins to prepare. You can, of course, play around with the template builder and make it match your branding. 

Hi Justin,

Not a problem. We love working on anything Unbounce!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
The Ignition Search Team

Didn’t read all replies, so apologies if I’m repeating something that’s already been mentioned. This is how we’ve done it, replacing the from address as well.

  1. Create a template with merge fields in Mailchimp
  2. Sync that template to Mandrill (a transactional email service by Mailchimp)
  3. Use Zapier to take Unbounce’s lead, and pass it to Mandrill (also supported by Zapier)
  4. Select the template you want to use on the zap, and also create the from email address on the zap
  5. Test with merge tags
  6. Off you go

Hi unbouncers,

I wanted to chime in here because it was a major pain in the ass to get this done and during the process read all these post many times. Maybe my experience will help the next dude.

I tried the Gmail option first using Zapier’s unBounce to Gmail zap, but the problem was that even though I had my company email account in Gmail, it would only send from my @gmail account. I contacted Zapeir support and they confirmed that I would be unable to choose the email and would only work from a Gmail address.

I was set on having the email be branded for my company, so that didn’t work.

I tried to use Mark_H’s solution:

unBounce to Mandrill/Mailchimp zap

I really struggled here but eventually got it to work, but only after I had found Mailgun.

I used the unBounce to Mailgun Zap and found it eaiser and a little more straight forward compared to Mandrill, also looks like the delivery is a bit fast, not as much lag as I noticed in Mandrill.

Mailgun has a free account which works fine. I still uses Mailchimp to create my template, export as HTML and paste into Zapier the Body HTML section. I cut and pasted each of the unbounce form fields into the plain body text section.

One of the big things I was concerned about was having to create a zap for every lander, since the way I understand it the email addresses the form get mailed to do not pass on with the data in the webhook.

So, on our forms we created a hidden field and named it “lead_recipients”. In the Zapier template you can then just add that address where appropriate, like the “To Email Address” Field.

I can only post one pic per post - I’ll do others in different posts.

How it looks in my email, branded totaly for my co.

I hope this helps, and thanks to everyone for their post.