Tip: Selecting two objects that are very close together

Sometimes I want to select two objects that are extremely close together.

Typically, I will hold down the shift key and click both, but when they are close together that is difficult if not impossible.

One option is to create a transparent box around both (if they will consistently maintain close spacing).

Another method I found is the following: Select the 1st object by clicking on its name in the Contents window. Then, click on the 2nd object in the editing window. This results in both objects being selected. Now, I can use my arrow key or shift+arrow to move them.

Preferably, I would be able to click any combination of objects by clicking on their name in the Content windows. But that doesn’t work.

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This is an awesome workaround @Ed_Stanfield, thank you for sharing!! :boom:

I’m with you, @Ed_Stanfield - drives me nuts that I can’t multi-select items solely within the ‘contents’ sidebar; I frequently waste time repeatedly clicking & re-clicking trying to select the specific items I want and getting frustrated :frowning:


I agree that it would make our life easier !

This is really good feedback. Not sure if you’re all aware but at the top of the community forum there’s a link to our feature request form, it goes straight to our Product Management team for review. If you feel like tossing this request in there that would be very helpful!