Tip: If your link is resulting in a 404 with the "clkn" wrapper in the URL, check to make sure it doesn't end in ".pdf"


As a new user setting up an ebook landing page, I hit this frustrating problem and the (very knowledgable and polite) support staff couldn’t sort it out either.

The key to getting my download button working was to drop the .pdf from the URL.

Posting this here so that others might find this if they have the same issue.


Hey Rob

This is potentially a fix for an issue I have, although I’m interested how I go about this as simply dropping the .pdf renders the pdf file useless as the URL is actually now incomplete.

Any input welcome and would be grately received!

Edit: As I hit reply I then spent 2 mins thinking about it and thought I’d just add a redirect for the non .pdf version to point at the .pdf version.,



Just use a link shortener and it works.