Timeframe for "visitors", "conversions" and "conversion rate"


Would be great to be able to set a timefrime so we can measure conversions rates in a specific period.
Sometimes we make changes in a specific campaign and would like to see how that impacts on conversion rates.
Or we`d like to see how many leads from x date we got.
(we can use csv for this though, but a bit more time-consuming).


Hi @Dario,

The data reporting in Unbounce can certainly use a bit of an update BUT you’ll always be better off using a dedicated data analytics tool like Google Analytics.

Proper landing page analysis is a bit more involved than looking at just aggregated numbers for visitors and conversions.

When we do post test analysis for clients, we often look at things like: devices, OSs, screen resolutions, traffic sources (and everything that goes with this expansive category), flows, funnels, attributions and a bunch of other client specific metrics.

I kind of like the current barebones analytics Unbounce provides because it forces you to use the best tool for the job IF you need it. Rather than Unbounce trying to be all and everything.

Just my 2c.


Date range for page views

I agree with Hristian,

With my brands we will use the chart and data in Unbounce to give a broad overview to see the conversion rates as a whole for the page.

Then we will dig into Google Analytics to see what factors affected the changes in conversion rates. We also like to make comments within the chart time-line in Google Analytics to mark changes that affected results.


Yes, I also agree. Good points.
Thanks for the clever insights :slight_smile: