Time zone setting?


In what time zone is the “time_submitted” column in the lead-gen form report?

And is there a way to change this setting? (if not, not a big deal)


Hi Sean! That’s in UTC, and currently there’s no way to change it, although I could see us adding that in the future. We want to encourage all our customers to think globally. :wink:


haha nice. Thanks for the quick response


I’d be very happy to see this feature enabled.

We work with clients in different timezones and the captured time of form submissions should reflect the specific timezone of the client.


Yes, I need my lead to be ET


Do need this indeed!


Any update on this request?


Hey Matt Ñ unfortunately no update on our end yet. Are you hoping to use this feature for different clients in different timezones as well?


Hey Carter,

We were planning on using this internally. We use Unbounce to generate leads for our sales team, so we want to be able to give them the exact date of a submission.

Is this something you’re planning to add?


We haven’t had a ton of requests for it to be honest, so there are some things on our roadmap that are higher priority right now. We might be able to help you sort something out though, can I ask how you’re passing leads on to your sales team? Most CRMs and Sales tools will convert dates automatically if you’re integrated with one of them. Or are you using our “Email Leads” feature to just email the leads directly to your sales team?


This feature would be helpful. You could keep it based in UTC, but have to convert it for each user so each user sets their time zone and its automatically converted to their time zone in the unbounce dashboard. Shouldnt be that hard to implement a feature like that and it would be extremely helpful.


Could really use a feature to customize time zones.


Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to let y’all know that we’ve converted this to an  Idea,  which means you can now cast your +1 to vote on this idea and (hopefully) get this into our product roadmap. 

Head to the top of the page and click that +LIKE button!


It’d be silly not to have this, if people use this to generate leads, and there is a rate of decay on the quality of that lead depending on when it comes in and when the lead gets responded to.


We use this in Australia and would love to see the relevant time zone added!


Hi all, 

I just did a bit of research and you should be able to write a JavaScript function that monitors the click event on the submit button and writes the desired time/date format into a hidden field.

It would pick up the time of the browser/OS so it’s not 100% foolproof but should solve 99% of the problems. 

Doing it this way you can position the hidden field at the top of the list of fields and be the first thing you see in your lead report. 

The hidden field info would get passed along with all the other form fields. 

If you need help writing the script for your particular time zone you can contact me directly for a quote at: h [at] revise [dot] cc



since I advertise for many time zones, I would like to see exact submit time for each lead . At least, I would like to change default timezone .Is there any development on this issue ?



This feature would help me a lot. I really hope it will be implemented.

thanks in advance


Agreed. Please implement this feature. You cannot expect paying users across the world and expect them all to work with UTC for LEADS which is time critical.


Being able to know the precise time a lead came over in our own time zone is absolutely time critical as Vinod said above. It can affect everything including scheduling of ad’s. At the moment we are trialling Unbounce…not sure we will stay if I can#t provide exact time details of when leads were received.