Time on page stats


If a visitor ‘bounces’ off a landing page, Google Analytics does not record the time on the page. This leaves a big question of ‘how long did the visitor stay?’

This is very useful information for understanding if the visitor is staying to read the content or not. How about adding a some stats to show just how long people are staying?


Hi Jamie, that’s a cool idea. One other thought, have you considered using heatmap tools like http://www.crazyegg.com/ or http://www.clicktale.com/ ? That would give you a better idea of what folks are doing on the page…


Hi Carl, I’ve used ClickTale before but stopped because I didn’t find it that valuable. I know of it’s time on page stats, but it’s rather like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer - a very expensive sledgehammer!

As far as I’m aware, CrazyEgg doen’t have time on page stats.

Please, please implement this… this information is invaluable for finding out what is happening with the percentage of visitors NOT converting.


Hey Jamie, yeah, fair enough. As a bit of an aside here, it’s great to get feedback like this.

Honestly, this would be a fun feature to tackle. In addition to time on page (which can be misleading because I think lots of folks open pages and just leave them sitting there), I would also love to record things like mouse/scroll behaviour, and come up with a simple weighted score that indicates some rough amount of interaction. Did the person just glance at the page and close it? Scroll around for 1.5 seconds before deciding to bugger off? How much of the page was visible for them initially, and how much did they scroll?


We have a *massive* backlog of feature requests (currently working on hiring some more developers!), but I *am* keeping a list, and this suggestion *is* on it (just added it, I promise)…