Thumbnails or Rollover Preview a MUST



I am thinking this should be fairly easy to impliment… just need to visually manage my landing pages more quickly. It would be HUGELY helpful if we could have some sort of way to quickly run down the list of my landing pages and see a thumbnail of the A or primary variant, just so I could quickly take inventory of what I need to modify.

Right now the problem is that I have to keep all the names pretty standard - at least the URLs so they will make good SEO happen. This make is very diffcult to name them something descriptive. If there was a way to roll over or toggle the thumbnails to show up - it would simplify the process of identifying the landing pages.


Hey Nathan, thanks for the feedback. We’ll be planning some improvements to the way users manage lots of pages and this is a great suggestion. I’ll make sure this gets onto our roadmap for discussion.



This might be a great place to start:

Seems to have a great way to preview URLs. I just ‘googled’ that.