This is my first attempt at designing a landing page. Tips, suggestions, criticism are all welcome!



Hi Keith, 

I like the specificity of your product  but I’m still not sure what problem it solves, I have an idea though but not 100% sure, maybe you can try a copy more focused on solving your clients problems such as stating  why and who should  exercise complete authority over their airspace. 

For example: 
Schools - Take control over your students wifi 
Financial Institutions - Prevent data leakage by tracking wifi airspace. 

Also if you target small business owners it would be good to know the minimum pricing such as “Basic Plans from $$$$” As a small business its kind of a waste of time  for both parties going through sales calls and demos just to find out at the end I cant afford the product because its meant for enterprise. 




I took a look at your page and my comments are purely related to the look/feel not to the content. The reason I can’t comment on the content is I can’t really read it :frowning:

Everything  feels so “tight”  and smushed together.  There are no visual cues as to where my eye should go, what is important… it’s all one big tight block. 

Move things apart, let them breathe a bit… I would also be careful with grey txt on a grey background in the form. Make that pre-header text white and make that headline BOLD really draw people over to that form. 

The best resource for this is Oli’s Attention Drive Design Guide. This eBook is a great resource.

If you aren’t comfortable with design I’d highly recommend finding someone near you to tweak the page for you. The content is good and it seems to solve a problem… but the message is getting lost in the design.

How are you sending traffic to this page? Ads? Blog posts? 

Good luck! You are on the right path.