The Unbounce Partner Program Wants YOU 💪

Hi y’all!

Chelsea from the Marketing team at Unbounce here. :wave:

Did you know that Unbounce has an official Partner Program? * pregnant pause * You did! That’s amazing—you can stop reading.

You didn’t? * an even more pregnant pause * Well, keep scrolling…

I’d like to officially invite you to be part of the Unbounce Partner Program. When you sign up, you get 20% of the recurring revenue for any new marketer you refer to Unbounce, for as long as they’re a customer. You’ll also get a unique link to share that nets any marketer you refer 20% off Unbounce for the first three months.

Plus, you’ll get some pretty sweet perks—like dedicated training, a personal coach to help you showcase your expertise (say ‘howdy’ to @Anca_Bujor for me!), and tips to build your rep as a marketing influencer.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have or offer feedback! I’m always around to chat. :nerd_face:


Chelsea (and the rest of the Unbounce team)


FWIW, we’re partners with a BUNCH of software and SaaS providers. The Unbounce program really stands out. A ton of personal attention, help and promotion. Really good stuff.

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Hey Adam! That means so much to us. Thanks for coming along for the ride. If you ever need anything, please let me or @Anca_Bujor know. :smiley: