The Unbounce Partner Program is here!


Hey folks!

Emily here from Unbounce :wave:

Let’s rewind to June 2013 when @Anthony_DiSanti started a thread here in the community asking about a Reseller Program. Over the years we’ve been evaluating our options, and I’m really excited to finally share that we’re officially launching the Unbounce Partner Program! Here’s looking at you, Anthony.

What is it?

The Partner Program allows you to earn recurring revenue when you recommend Unbounce to your community. :money_with_wings:

What’s in it for you?

For every referral you send our way, you earn 20% of the recurring revenue for the lifetime of their Unbounce subscription.

We’ll also set you up with:

  • Your own personal Referral Coach (@Tyrone_L)
  • Educational resources to help answer newbie questions about Unbounce
  • Pre-made social and email templates
  • A personal dashboard to track your progress

Sound good to you?

Head over to the Unbounce Partner page to set up your account.

PS - We’re sending the first 50 signups a sweet Unbounce swag package, 'cause why not? :spinbounce:

We hope you love this new addition!

As always, if you have any questions at all, hit Reply and let’s chat! :point_down:



I’ve registered a couple of times today and have never received the PartnerStack email…




Hi Seb,

I see here that you are registered… Did you check your Spam folder?



Yes nothing there I’m afraid…


@sebhardman. We’re looking into it. You definitely have an account in PartnerStack - and can start sharing. !


This program was basically born in this community; lovely to see this thread get going. Thanks @Emily.Matick for all of your hard work. Let us know if you have any questions or comments everyone!


Hi Emily,

I am definitely interested in this - I have a YouTube channel about online entrepreneurship that currently gets between 6,000 to 7,000 organic views per month. This could be a great way to earn some money from that.

What are the best next steps?

YT link:



Hi @SeanW! :wave:

Have you already registered for the program? I highly recommend you get to the Unbounce Partner page to get your account set up. From there, we’ve got your back to help make referrals with educational resources, templates & your own dashboard and link to track your success.

Your YT channel would make a great place to put that partner magic (:money_with_wings::crystal_ball:) to good use!

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I’m not sure if we were in the first 50 people to sign up, but we registered for the Program some time last year.

Congrats on all involved!



Hey @jimothy

Appreciate your kind words. Super excited to have this launched, not to mention have you on board, you early bird. Keep being your awesome self! :sunglasses:


Great. I’ve been referring people to you for a long time