The unbounce branding tag


The tag at the bottom. Any plans to let us remove it, or make it a lot less conspicuous? I very much understand the need from your end, but if we use the tool a lot, all of a sudden we have “Built Using the Unbounce Landing Page Platform” everywhere.

I’m wondering if:

a) a smaller, color customizable tag/image might be used, rather than a footer bar - which btw means we now have a double footer in our site,

b) a fee to remove - ning does this for like $5 to allow owners to self-brand,

c) cross promo type stuff; we’re considering a “we love working with these companies” destination (largely because we want to support other startups and local firms).

Lots of thoughts for before lunch:)


When Unbounce is out of beta we’ll be offering paid plans, and all paid plans will have that footer removed. I’ll be sure to bring this up at our next product meeting. We might want to remove the footer for select beta customers.


Sounds great, and I figured this was part of the plan. We’re bootstrapping but love the service and like I said, aren’t looking to undermine the value.

Sounds like Boris may bring you guys over to Bootup sometime soon; hopefully we can connect then!


i am a paid customer and it is still showing unbounce branding in footer. how to remove it ???


Hi Anant - If your on a paid subscription and still seeing the footer, you’ll have to unpublish and then republish your page.


I have a free account. Made a landing page, which looks fine in preview. When I look at the published paged, the black Unbounced branding bar goes right through the middle of the page. Is this intentional or do I have adjust a page setting? I see how to set the width for the global page property but not the length.


Hi Dan - It should sit along the very bottom of the page at all times. I took a look at your pages and that’s how it was displaying for me. Could you try clearing your cache and reloading the page you’re seeing the issue on?

If that doesn’t fix things, can you shoot us an email at and let us know the page, the browser and version you’re using, and also your OS?