The Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks


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Unlock heatmaps, visitor recordings, feedback polls and more by adding Hotjar to your Unbounce landing pges. :new_blue:


I’ve been so busy recently, it seams I have missed a lot around these parts - IMPRESSIVE! So many cool new tricks :slight_smile:


Thanks @digibomb! We’ll keep cranking these out if y’all keep finding value in them. :partyparrot:


So many new tips!!!

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We just added How to Choose the Image, Title & Description when posting Unbounce pages to Social Media to the list. Enjoy!


A couple more updates for you folks! :blue_heart:


Hot diggity! @Rob’s pushing these out like it’s his job!! :fire:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Our good friend @Rob just posted this tutorial that shows how you can find + display a visitors location (ie. city, province, country) on a landing page/convertable. You can even take it a step further and auto-populate the form based on the location data. :fire:

Check it out! :arrow_double_down:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Thanks to our good friend @Joe_Savitch, we just added How to Create a Click-Thru + Scroll Convertable to the list.

Happy converting! :slight_smile:

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:new_orange: New Script Added!

Want to create a subconscious urgency to scroll further down your landing page? Follow How to Create Angled Page Sections (aka False Bottoms)! Big shout out to @Noah for this script.


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Here’s a great way to build up your Facebook fanbase by implementing a ‘Content Unlock’ widget in Unbounce. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial @dimitrisv!


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Our in-house script guru @Noah just published this super easy script that adds a bit of celebratory confetti to your landing page. :noah::tada:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

With the help of some javascript, you can generate the current date/time and set it to a hidden field on your form.


:new_orange: New Script Added!

With the help of some javascript, you can now choose the input-type on your form fields. This is super handy for mobile landing pages! Thanks @Noah!


This is one of my favs :slight_smile:


New script added!

How to Create a Reading Progress Bar on Scroll :fire: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :new_blue:


New script added!! :fire:

How to Add A Fixed CTA On Scroll (2.0) :new_blue: :fire: :point_left:

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New bookmarklet tool to edit/open Unbounce pages on the fly from the page itself without searching it in the CMS

Add an edit button to your bookmarks bar that, when pressed, opens the current page (or one if its variants) in the Unbounce editor.


The button will open the Unbounce editor of the page you are on without the need to search for it in the list of all pages.

It’s simple to install it, just drag an drop the “Open in Unbounce” button from this page to your bookmarks bar and that’s it !!

Feel free to contribute as this is an open source project hosted on Github.


enjoy !!

Is it possible to set custom radio button values, separate from the label text?

Very cool! It works. Thanks!