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Added How to Add A Carousel With A Box Widget


We just added this little gem to the Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks list.


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Unlock heatmaps, visitor recordings, feedback polls and more by adding Hotjar to your Unbounce landing pges. :new_blue:


I’ve been so busy recently, it seams I have missed a lot around these parts - IMPRESSIVE! So many cool new tricks :slight_smile:


Thanks @digibomb! We’ll keep cranking these out if y’all keep finding value in them. :partyparrot:


So many new tips!!!

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We just added How to Choose the Image, Title & Description when posting Unbounce pages to Social Media to the list. Enjoy!


A couple more updates for you folks! :blue_heart:


Hot diggity! @Rob’s pushing these out like it’s his job!! :fire:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Our good friend @Rob just posted this tutorial that shows how you can find + display a visitors location (ie. city, province, country) on a landing page/convertable. You can even take it a step further and auto-populate the form based on the location data. :fire:

Check it out! :arrow_double_down:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Thanks to our good friend @Joe_Savitch, we just added How to Create a Click-Thru + Scroll Convertable to the list.

Happy converting! :slight_smile:

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:new_orange: New Script Added!

Want to create a subconscious urgency to scroll further down your landing page? Follow How to Create Angled Page Sections (aka False Bottoms)! Big shout out to @Noah for this script.


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Here’s a great way to build up your Facebook fanbase by implementing a ‘Content Unlock’ widget in Unbounce. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial @dimitrisv!


:new_orange: New Script Added!

Our in-house script guru @Noah just published this super easy script that adds a bit of celebratory confetti to your landing page. :noah::tada:


:new_orange: New Script Added!

With the help of some javascript, you can generate the current date/time and set it to a hidden field on your form.


:new_orange: New Script Added!

With the help of some javascript, you can now choose the input-type on your form fields. This is super handy for mobile landing pages! Thanks @Noah!


This is one of my favs :slight_smile:


New script added!

How to Create a Reading Progress Bar on Scroll :fire: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :new_blue:


New script added!! :fire:

How to Add A Fixed CTA On Scroll (2.0) :new_blue: :fire: :point_left:

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