The responsiveness of my pages has stopped. Does anyone know why? (I use Yuli).. Anyone else with this problem, and how to fix it?


Should I revert back to the old Javascript for a mobile page, or just wait it out? Need the answer ASAP if at all possible :slight_smile:



Hi Kyle - the Mobile view doesn’t show by default on your published page (we set it this way, because some people don’t bother with a Mobile version), so you’ll need to turn it on. You can do this via the properties of your page when you’re in the mobile view. More on that here.

I noticed that on your Mobile view, you’ve pulled some of the elements outside of the page boundaries. You’ll want to hide those elements as well (this only hides them on mobile, not desktop). The boundaries are there as guides, but anything outside of them will still be visible on a live page. We’ve got details on hiding an element on your page here.