The requested URL /pogir-dont-compensate-your-lifestyle/e-8-lightbox.html was not found on this server


This is the second time I am getting this error.
When you click on the lightbox it gives the error that the lightbox is not found on the server


same issue for me as well…


I had to rebuild my page.


For me this issue dissapeared, but now it loads a lightbox which I removed a while ago from my template, instead of the current version of the lightbox… which is quite weird.

Ill copy the page template and recreate it without the lightbox functionality…


The problem is not only  the lightbox, if you check the url its linking back to an old version of the landing page.
So whatever updates I did no longer worked.
Thats why I had to recreate the page.

I have also found that if you create a lightbox first you can put a form into it. However if you setup other elements and then a lightbox you can no longer drop in a form?