The Next Unbounce Interface: Open Beta!


Hey everybody!

We’ve got a really exciting update for you that is mostly design related. We’ve done a pretty big overhaul on the user interface of Unbounce to accomodate a number of things:

  1. Allow for better hierarchy to accommodate our multi-user and client management feature set (to be released later this quarter).

  2. Transition the UI to better facilitate power users who want to jump back and forth between pages quicker. (Note: this is phase one, we have even better plans to come!)

  3. Bring the core features front and centre (managing pages, domains and users)

  4. Lay the foundation for more features to come (better lead management for an entire sub-account, better asset management outside of the editor, etc…)

Bring the page and account management side of the app more in line with the editor.

You’ll notice a big banner in the dashboard that directs you to the new app, or you can access it directly at Please note that you may still encounter a bug or two, and if you do we’d really love to hear about it.


The navigation is much improved. Let’s face it, the UI is a bit slow at times, and the fact that I can now jump from a landing page detail back to a group overview without having to go to the overall overview, and then into the group is nice. It seems almost every navigation path has eliminated a click to get to where you want to go. Good job.


Hey guys - thanks for the feedback. We’ve definitely tried to move the UI in a direction that facilitates powers use and makes the whole app much more efficient. Thanks for taking the time to respond!


The page transfers are also really nice, but is possible to transfer a landing page from one main account to another main account? Not just across sub accounts, but a completely different user account? I know it’s random, but would be really helpful in setting up new users to unbounce. Thanks!


I really like the new UI layout for the “Pages” view, and how it is easier now to view lots of landing pages. All in all, thumbs up on the new design!


Hey Andrew, yes this is possible! You can transfer pages to any sub-account that you are an author of (and it’s possible to be an author of sub-accounts in different accounts). For example

Account 1

  • sub-account A
  • sub-account B
  • sub-account C

Account 2

  • sub-account D
  • sub-account E

As long as you’re an author of both, you can move a page from “sub-account B” to “sub-account E”.


Thanks Mike! Our goal is to continue making this even easier and faster to navigate, so I’m happy to hear that we’re on the right track!


Can I ask on timescale for sub-groups/child-parent relationship with groups. I’m guessing it’s on the horizon but it would be very timely as i’m configuration groups with campaigns in adwords, to have a little symmetry between the two shortly.


Hi Jennifer, we don’t have an ETA for that yet unfortunately. With the new multi-user and multi-account release that we’re putting out in two weeks you’ll be able to add sub-accounts which will add another level of hierarchy for managing many different pages/groups.

We have had a few people ask for the ability to nest groups more than 1 level deep, so it’s still on our radar.


I have mixed feelings. Easy access to domains etc is of course good but I’m a bit put off by all the black app chrome. If the side panels where sliding so they didn’t take all that space all the time I would probably feel better about it and less “boxed in”. Looking at it now my eyes are drawn just as much to the sides as to the real content.


Hey simony, I can appreciate where you’re coming from. Our intention to move to a dark interface stemmed from the editor and knowing that the majority of pages created in Unbounce are “light”. Darkening the chrome surrounding the editor helps put focus on the page you’re building (in our opinion!)

As for panels sliding in and out, this is definitely a phase #1 of the roll out, and we have some more complex UI improvements planned now that this is out. Would love to keep getting your feedback though, so please let us know what you think as you notice changes!