The case of the disappearing templates!


It seems that some of your templates have disappeared… will they be coming back?

~ David


Hi David,
Yeah, we did a little bit of Spring cleaning on some older templates. Was there one (or a few) in particular that you would like to see reinstated?


Hi Oli

I was just about to try the long sales letter, but I’m sure I can adapt one of the current templates to suit my requirements.

~ David


Hi David,
I’ve put that one back into the mix - so you’ll be able to find it when you create a new page. We’ll also look at updating it to have the newer style as that’s one we didn’t move over.
Thanks for the nudge.


What happened to the consultant page?


Hi Chad,
This was retired with some of the older ones also, but I’ll re-instate it for you now.


Thanks for the quick response Oli.
~ David


Also, if you want a good template for your long sales letter, just search Google for ‘12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template’
~ David


Thanks for the link David.