Thank you page


Is there a way to tailor the thank you page of a landing page? I want to have the form with three basic fields and when someone submits it takes them to the thank you page that features a button that takes them to a website page. Is this possible?


Hi Bethan - to clarify, are you looking to have your thank-you page be dynamic based on the answer to one of your fields? Or just looking to style a single thank-you page with a button?

Both are possible, but the dynamic page would require some custom Javascript. You can definitely put button links on any form confirmation though.


I managed to sort this out in the end via your live chat system. Thanks though.


Hi Quinn,
I need to have two thank you pages and depending on the answer to one of the fields of my form I will show one or another.

You saidy that it would require some Javascript, is there any place from where I could copy this code??

I need a solution for this.
Thank you very much!!



Hey Laura! 
There’s an active topic going on about this here:…

That should at least get you started in the right direction, but you’ll likely need to do further modifications on the code. Hope this helps!