Text link that triggers a lightbox with Youtube-video



I am trying to include a Youtube-video on my landing page. The video needs to open within a lightbox after someone has clicked on a text link. I already tried adding a lightbox button and styling that into a text link (looks horrible).

Anybody got an idea how to get what I want?


If the lightbox button gives you the effect you want, then what I usually do is just place normal text on the page where I want the link to be, and then put the lightbox button above it, but make the lightbox button completely transparent with no text at all. So it’s basically just a transparent clickable rectangle on top of your text. You’ll have to play around with the sizing to get it just right, but this has worked for me in the past.


Thanks Nicolas, that works. Any ideas on how to get the video to rotate to full screen when someone uses mobile landscape view?