Text editor doesn't work


I’m using Unbounce’s free landing page design service. I’m using one of their landing page designs and trying to change the color, font type and size of some of the text boxes. Opened up the text editor, highlighted font and tried making changes but nothing happened. Tried making changes to source HTML but couldn’t make any changes there either. Only change I could make to the text box was to change the copy inside of it. So I tried creating a new text box to see if it would let me make changes, and that doesn’t work either.


Happens to me too… font/color won’t change.

I copy/paste the text into textedit (mac) or notepad and edit there, then
paste back into the text box.

Not the best scenario but it works.


I’d be happy to take a look at what’s going on. Please email us the page in question to support@unbounce.com



BTW more fonts would be nice too, esp Myriad Pro / Myriad Web Pro (bold / reg / thin / condensed etc) which is all the rager now;-))


I was using Internet Explorer and the issue was resolved when I switched to using Google Chrome when working with Unbounce