Text box with scrolling possibility


I’m a new user on Unbounce and a beginner in coding. Howerver I would like to make a simple thing with a text box.
Because it’s conditions of use in a form, I need them to be as small as possible to save space. Is it possible to keep the text in a box with a scrolling bar next to it?

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi there @Valentin_Dupont, sorry about the delayed response here!

How important is it for you to display the conditions of use within a form? If you have some flexibility, there are a few other options that other Unbounce users have suggested here:

Here’s a shortlist:

Hope this helps a bit!


Hello Jess,

Thanks a lot for those informations and sorry for the response time. I will use a Lightbox because my company doesn’t want to move privacy policy away from the page where the form will be filled.