Testing different pop ups on variants


newbie here so pls forgive if covered, searched but can’t find solution:

I’ve created two different pop ups, and i want to test them on two different variants. However, when I add the script to the variant pages, I notice that it’s the same script for both pop ups… so how does the page know which pop up to load? When you create the script, you can tell it which page to load on, but i can’t see anywhere to tell it which variant to load on…

thx in advance for any pointers!

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Hey Dave,

First off, if you want to A/B test a popup, create two variants of the same popup, not two different popups. Then, add the one, same, script to the landing page you want to test. If you want two variants of the same page running each variant of the popup, this will work. By default it will randomize 50% of users to each page variant, who in turn will be split into 50/50 on the popups (essentially pretty much an MVT at this point).
If you want one specific variant of the popup on one specific variant of the page, you’ll need to customize some. I would probably do this with the advanced targeting on the popup targeting a cookie on the page. (if page variant a -> cookie a -> popup a | if variant b -> cookie b, popup b)