Testing a ppc landing page


Hi Support,
i created a landing page named samsung galaxy. The existing landing page is
http://www.inmobile.gr/samsung-galaxy…. We drive traffic via google adwords. Also we integrate google adwords conversion code into the thank you page.(shopping cart is cs-cart)

Question is, what is best way to send into the shopping cart via your landing page?

If someone click the cta button where it should go? cause we need to test landing page to increase conversions, via google website optimizer or visualwebsiteoptimizer.

Also we need to integrate your tracking code to our thankyou page + analytics into your landing page?

Im a little bit confused



Hi Thanos!

I’m not sure I fully understand your question but I’ll do my best to help you out.

Where the CTA button click should go is somewhat up to you, but having it land on CS-Cart’s product page for the Galaxy phone is one choice.

You’ll likely want to add our conversion tracking code to your CS Cart order completion page. See this article for more information:


You’ll also want to setup a custom domain, something like “info.inmobile.gr” and point it at unbouncepages.com. See this article and the associated video for more on that:


Then you can publish your pages to a URL like “info.inmobile.gr/samsung-galaxy-s-ii”. You’ll need that to make Google Adwords happy.

Does that shed a little light on it? Once you have that done, you should be able to point some Adwords ads at your Unbounce pages…


Hi Carl,
actually what we want to do is to test the product page vs the unbounce page with visualwebsiteoptimizer, to lift up conversions. But the point is how to make when someone click on cta button(unbounce page) to go directly to shopping cart. Cause if i put link to the product page (control age), this ony makes more steps for someone to buy the samsung.

Got my point? i tried to find a similar case study via your blog, but with no success.

Let me know


I am pretty sure unbounce doesnt let you split test between your own hosted version of the page and unbounce’s version.


i will use visualwebsiteoptimizer.


Hey Thanos, one thing I’m not quite following (sorry if I’m a bit dense); if you’re going to use VWO to test various aspects of your existing page, then what are you hoping to test with Unbounce? Folks sometimes do combine VWO with Unbounce, but that’s usually to do multivariate testing instead of just split testing.

Integrating CS-Cart with Unbounce seems more like a question for the CS-Cart folks. You’d either want to embed a product widget on your Unbounce page (if CS-Cart has that functionality), or just provide a link to CS-Cart that pre-populates the shopping cart with whatever product you’re showing on Unbounce (again, if CS-Cart lets you do that). I’m not familiar enough with CS-Cart to provide much guidance there, sorry…


There is a bit of a workaround for this, but I’m not sure it would work very well with Adwords. Basically, you setup a blank variant with nothing but a Javascript redirect to your existing page. With Adwords, though, we would sometimes serve the Adwords bot the mostly empty page with the redirect, which I think would hurt your quality score (I’m assuming the Adwords bot won’t follow the Javascript redirect).

We do hope to offer the ability to do something similar in the future, but with a server-side redirect, which should work fine with Adwords…