Testimonial slider


I noticed a couple years ago there were some requests for a testimonial slider. Has that feature been added yet? Could definitely use one.


Hello Everett,

I do not think that has come to fruition - at least not to my knowledge!  How many testimonials are you trying to show?  In the mean time, I wonder if utilizing a lightbox could do the trick for those individuals who may want to see a couple more testimonials? 

Warmest regards,



Probably three testimonials. But would like to keep them on the page and not a lightbox. You would think unbounce.com will provide this feature considering landing pages are primarily for marketing and testimonials are an excellent marketing component.


Hi Everett, 
Are you referring to an image slider? Or an entire page section slider?


If you go to my unbounce.com landing page at https://servicer.aboutyourmortgage.com/ you will see one testimonial in an area (light gray) right below the picture. I have several testimonials that I would like to have rotate in that area.



+1 for this.