Test the same element on multiple landing pages?


I’m curious if it’s possible to test the same element across a number of different unbounce landing pages, and to see what the net effect on all the landing pages is.

Here’s why I’m asking. I have to create a number of different landing pages because I’m running campaigns in adwords focused on geographic campaigns. Each city requires a different page because the city name and graphics have to change. However, on all these pages, the bullet points will be roughly the same. But, if I want to test different sets of bullet points, it’s pretty inefficient to do it on a page by page basis and then add up the results manually.

Can anyone think of a way to make this easier?


Hi Peter,
We have a feature planned for sharing page elements between pages which would probably help you a lot in this scenario. Though it sounds a bit like you are looking for multi-variate testing to some degree – take a look at how you can integrate Visual Website Optimizer with Unbounce and let me know if that might do the trick for you: http://unbounce.com/partners/visual-w…